Portfolio Category: Furniture

“Eve” Conceptual Sculpture

Created to recast Eve as a seeker of knowledge instead of a temptress of sin. The book represents knowledge with the staff deeply rooted providing the "Apple" with all the secrets of learning and education. Finished with India Inks. Made from Spanish cedar from a tree felled at the corner of 49th St N and…
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The Float – Contemporary Chair

Designed to be suspended by itself, this chair has no legs and you can really sit in it. Made from local Rosewood and Monkey Pod the chair is designed to give the impression of floating in air.
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Pecan Cutting Table

Made in a Craftsman style, this table can be used as a cutting board with Rosewood shelves underneath. All Joinery. Hand cut mortise and tenon with custom doweling. Not one single nail or screw. The pecan log top came from a tree in the Old Northeast of St. Petersburg
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